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Family Care: Kids, Elders, Pregnancy

Safe and Effective Family Chiropractor

There are no age restrictions for safe chiropractic care. West End is trusted with treating newborn babies, expectant moms and Austinites well into their 90’s.

Photo: Family chiropractic care for prenatal, infants, kids and the elderly.

Our Patients’ Stories

“Dr. Morgan has helped with sports injuries for both of my children, and even my reluctant husband got adjusted when his back was injured. Dr. Morgan has a great bedside manner & really listens to his patients. I can’t say enough good things about West End Chiropractic.”

Kendra B.

Safe & Effective Family Chiropractor for Kids, the Elderly, and Pregnancy

West End Chiropractic Clinic regularly treats children, pregnant women, and the elderly with safe and effective techniques. As Austin’s trusted family chiropractor, family treatment is given with careful precision.

Youth sports injuries, cramping lower backs during pregnancy, and degenerating joints due to arthritis can interrupt a daily routine.

Benefits from a Family Chiropractor

There are no age restrictions for safe chiropractic care. West End is trusted with treating newborn babies and Austinites well into their 90’s.

Chiropractic for Kids

Complications during puberty (“growing” pains) can adversely affect the spine and various joints. Additionally, sports injuries and poor posture can cause mobility issues and sore joints. In grade school sports, injuries can be overlooked and swept under the rug when the young athlete is ready to get back in the game. Unfortunately, they may be forced to remember the injury twenty years from now when chronic pain begins.

Receiving chiropractic care sooner rather than later can prevent more serious problems down the road.

Chiropractic for the Elderly

Unfortunately, joints start to wear down as we get older. Fortunately, chiropractic care is available to people of any age. Gentle mobilizations and precise massage in tightened muscles help to relieve a multitude of problems for older patients. Arthritis and herniated discs are regularly treated at West End Chiropractic Clinic.

Pregnancy Chiropractic

Establishing balance in the pelvis and alignment in the lower back is important for pain management during pregnancy. An increased curve in the back with poor posture can result in lower back pain. When the pelvis is misaligned, it can affect the space available for a developing baby.

West End’s family chiropractor avoids unneeded pressure on the abdomen and takes special care during prenatal care for women.

Is Family Chiropractic Safe?

It is fully understandable to be picky about the quality of a family member’s healthcare. There are numerous peer-reviewed studies overlooking chiropractic safety for children, the elderly, and pregnancy.

Pediatric, geriatric, and pregnancy chiropractic are historic points of controversy. Controversy originates from a misinterpretation of chiropractors being primitive “back-crackers”. In reality, joint manipulations are performed with extreme care and restraint.

In a carefully-conducted study published on PubMed, the most trusted source of biomedical literature in the world, chiropractic care for children was proven safe. The study included pediatric patients from infancy to adolescence.

Conclusion of the study:

Of 19,821 children receiving chiropractic treatment, 0.23% reported adverse side effects. Zero reported “severe” side effects.

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